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Spring is Here
Spring is usually a time of suspense.... will it rain, sleet, snow or be sunny. When will bud break occur, etc. But never has it been something like Spring 2020. 
Covid-19 has established a whole new set of circumstances for all of us. 

"Shelter-in-Place" was a concept both Jim & I studied during our years of Disaster Planning in our respective careers. Never did we think we'd be living it, but here we are. In addition, we had to face the fact that we are in the "high-risk" population because we're elderly! Say what! 

What we want is for all of our families, friends and neighbors to be healthy and safe. 
Please, Please follow the CDC guidelines. 
Eagle Ridge Tasting Room
The Tasting Room here at Eagle Ridge is closed and will remain closed until CDC advises us it is safe to re-open.
However, we are offering to ship your wine orders to you. As much as we'd like to offer pick-up here at the winery, remember Jim & I are in the "elderly" category and are considered high risk.

So shipping will be $5.00, for any purchase greater than 6 bottles, in all states we are allowed to deliver.

Purchases of 1-5 bottles will still be the standard shipping rates.

Please call us with your order 925-447-4328 and we'll get it on the delivery truck.

Please note shipping will be available only while our preferred p is able to process the shipment.
Wine Sales
In addition to the Shipping Discounts, we are offering a sale on purchases of six or more bottles of designated wines. We wouldn't want to think you'd have to survive "Shelter-in-Place" without a few bottles of Eagle Ridge Wine.

Sale Wine include:

2018 Chardonnay
2018 Pinot Grigio
2016 Zinfandel
2015 Petite Sirah

6 - 11 Bottles of these wines will be discounted 20% (30% for Wine Club Members)
12 bottles or more will be discounted 30% (40% for Wine Club Members)
Other News
We just finished bottling our red wines on Friday, March 13th. I know right! It was a risk, but we stepped upped and did it with many of our faithful Bottling Crew. So we have Petite Sirah 2016, Zinfandel 2017, Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, Malbec 2017, and Raptor all relaxing in bottles. The Raptor won the Crew's "Best of Bottling" award, so we'll be anxious to see how that settles down.

Needless to say, our Release Event is on hold. We were hoping for April, but we want to make sure it is completely safe before we do any large events and hope you understand our hesitancy. 
Stay Safe Friends
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