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The Cellar

Eagle Ridge Vineyard is known for our award winning wines that are aged in all Oak barrels.  Red wines are aged for a minimum of 24 months and up to 48 months. We pride ourselves in only using fruit from the Livermore Valley.  Please note “Taste of the Vines” Wine Club Members receive a 20% discount on all wine purchases and a 30% discount on wine by the case. Non-member guests receive a discount of 20%/case.   

White Wines

 Pinot Grigio 2018 Estate Grown

Light, bright and fruity describes this Estate Grown Pinot Grigio.  Grown in our Daughter and family's vineyard, MC2, it has been our main-stay wine since we opened in 2007.   Not too sweet, not too dry, we describe it as the white wine between Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.  A little honey, a little citrus and a whole lot of goodness.  Perfect with your Turkey, Seafood or Salad meals.  Great with just a little Cheese and fruit for a light snack.  Alcohol is 13.9%

                Production:           175 cases

                Price:                      $23.00/btl                                              Club Price:            $18.40
Chardonnay 2018

This is our first Chardonnay we’ve released.  It is made from grapes from three local vineyards and aged in stainless steel. Nice and refreshing with flavors of citrus, honeysuckle, and honey.  Then you will taste the slightest hint of vanilla and almond.  On a hot evening serve it crisp & cold with Sole Almandine, Chicken Piccata, Caesar salad or a light cheese tray for dessert.  Alcohol is 14.4%
Production: 75 cases
Price: $26.00/btl Club Price: $20.80

 Rose' - 2018 Estate Grown New & Very Limited
From our own Zinfandel Vineyards, this is a new varietal for Eagle Ridge Vineyard, a Rose'.  Bright and crisp with citrus notes and apricot, it is a perfect summer wine.  Alcohol is:13.9%
Production: 55 cases
Price: $25.00/btl Club Price: $20.00

Red Wines


Zinfandel – 2016 Estate Grown New

 The latest of our Zinfandel offerings.  This Zin is a deep blend of dark fruit; a little plum, black cherry and blackberry.  It will pair beautifully with your pasta and BBQ dishes.         Alcohol is 14.1%The latest of our Zinfandel offerings.  

                Price:                      $34.00/btl                              Club Price:            $28.20

Eagle X (Ten) - non vintage

To Celebrate Eagle Ridge Vineyard's Tenth Anniversary, Jim created this deep, dark & delicious blend of Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Touriga.  Eagle X offers the fruitiness of the Zin, the depth of the Petite and boldness of the Touriga all in one offering.  It is a hearty addition to the selection of red wines found here at ERV.  Alcohol 14.2%

                Production:           75 cases

                Price:                      $34.00/btl                              Club Price:           $27.20  


Petite Sirah – 2015 Estate Grown Silver Medal 2019 San Francisco International Wine Competition

Mellowed for 4 years in a combination of French & American oak, this bold Petite is delightful for any red meat dish, BBQ or even your chocolate dessert.

                Production:           125 cases

                Price                       $36.00/btl                                                              Club Price:            $28.80       


Petite Sirah – 2014 Estate Grown Silver Medal 2018 S.F. Chronicle

Bold & Beautiful, Petite Sirah remains our favorite.   The flavor of berries, cherries and plums are all there with the peppery finish.  While Petites compliment fatty red meat, you can't go wrong with BBQ, Chili or good old Chocolate Desserts.                                                             

                Production:           1 cases

                Price                       $36.00/btl                                                              Club Price:            $28.80                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Dessert Wines

 MadCăit” – 2013 Estate Grown - Silver Medal 2019 San Francisco Chronicale Wine Competitione


Using Estate Grown Pinot Grigio grapes, this “Angelica” dessert wine is fortified with brandy without the typical barrel aging of ports.  An enchanting aroma brings to mind apricots, honeysuckle and all things summer.  A perfect dessert, sipping wine, it pairs well with chocolate, lemon cheesecake & fruit, or just drizzle it over a great vanilla ice cream.  Alcohol 19.8%

  Alcohol 19.8%

                Production:           100 cases

                Price:                      $29.00/btl                                                              Club Price:            $23.20

MadLyn  - Silver Meal - 2019 S. F. Chronicle Wine Competition

Finally, it is back.  MadLyn was Eagle Ridge Vineyards’ first Dessert Wine and was made from Portuguese Sauzao Grapes.  It is a rich, luscious red dessert wine fortified with Brandy and aged for over five (5) years in oak barrels.  Delightful with chocolate or any fruit and full-bodied cheese….even a cigar or two.  Alcohol: 21.4%

                Production:           48 cases

                Price:                      $29.00/btl                                              Club Price:            $23.20

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